Who we are

We are Ann and Jand and we instantly fell in love with this beautiful region in The Flemish Ardennes. A few decades ago we here found our dreamspot and every single day we enjoy it.

Our plan to start a Bed & Breakfast grew slowly and made sense since Jan loves cooking and Ann likes to work in her kitchen garden. Togheter we are passionate about offering you the best service possible.
In April 2014, our house accepted the challenge to begin a new life as Gatto Nero.

Gatto Nero

For our Bed & Breakfast we opted for an Italian name to put you immediately in the right ‘holiday’mood; although we have to admit hat Jans’s passion for Italy has been part of this choice as well. On top of that, every time we go on holiday, we try to bring home an attribute in shape of a cat to decorate our B&B with.

Knowing that Gatto Nero means ‘black cat’ in Italian, might raise curiosity among some of you …